First things first. In order to get into the right mindset go here to hear the original
I’ve Been Everywhere”, Lucky Starr singing.

Flight 1: YBCG > YBRK  Gold Coast to Rockhampton
Waypoints BN-MC-HBA-GLA

YBGC Gold Coast Airport sits half and half in NSW and Queensland at Coolangatta, a town named after a Topsail Schooner that shipwrecked there in 1846. From here north stretches 40 kilometers of pristine surf beaches to Surfers Paradise. This is the sub-tropical city of Gold Coast of 500,000 populations. 6th largest OZ city and the largest non-Capital city. Today it is a major tourist destination with its beaches, canal and waterway systems, and its high-rise dominated skyline, theme Parks, nigh-life and rainforest hinterland.

BN To the west as you approach Brisbane Airport is Brisbane City straddling Brisbane River. During WWII it was the SW Pacific Headquarters for General Douglas MacArthur until his HQ was moved to Hollandia in 1944. About a million US troops passed through here during that time as the primary coordination point for the SW Pacific.

MC Maroochydore, the name comes from the aboriginal indigenous word “Muru-Kutchi” meaning red-bill, the name of the local Black Swan. It is the 6th town mentioned in the original (OZ) version of “I`ve been everywhere” (A need to Know)

HBA Hervey Bay is the Whale Watching Capital with Humpback Whales migrating between Antarctica and The Great Barrier Reef every April to October. Numbers have increased from 2000 in 1992 to 20,000 today according to researchers.

GLA Gladstone is the 5th largest multi-commodity port in OZ and 4th largest coal exporting terminal. (60 million tons annually.)

YBRK Rockhampton sits just north of the Tropic of Capricorn 23*26` 22” South Lat. A sculpture originally marking the Tropic Latitude on the highway was moved into the town to be more accessible for tourists. (why not, who would know the difference?)

Flight 2: YBRK > YBTL  Rockhampton to Townsville
Waypoints HM

HM Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island of The Whitsunday Island Group and the only island on the GBR with its own commercial airport.

YBTL Townsville, adjacent to the central section of The Great Barrier Reef, is a tourist and industrial hub.

Flight 3: YBTL > YCKN  Townsville to Cooktown
Waypoints IFL-CS

IFL Innisfail on The Cassowary Coast renowned for its Banana and Sugar industries as well as being the wettest town in OZ. (140 inches per year)

CS Cairns, another GBR gateway plus its own attractions of Aerial Skyway and Kuranda Train.

YCKN Cooktown is where James Cook repaired HMS Endeavour after hitting The Great Barrier Reef during his discovery voyage of SE Australia in 1770. One of his cannons which was retrieved from the reef in recent years is in the local Museum which is located in what was once a Convent.

Flight 4: YCKN > YHID Cooktown to Horn Island
Waypoints LHR

YLHR Horn Island also serves Thursday Island. Nearby Cape York is the northernmost point of mainland Australia.